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Moving data from one table to another

Question asked by barfaz on May 17, 2009
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Moving data from one table to another


I have a database with details of a large number of individuals (upwards of 100,000), each uniquely identified by a 6 digit number and two other fields. Each week I enter another 100 individuals with date of birth etc. In subsequent weeks I have to enter a lot of additional data about those individuals that comes from laboratory tests identified by dates and screen numbers. I have previously run this application in Dataease, and found the easiest was to enter the lab tests in a new Lab results table, so that I could copy all the data about the date, screen number etc from record to record while simply changing the last digit of the identifying number and the new results,if necessary. I then ran a script to enter the screening data into the matching records of the main file, and to delete each matching record in the Lab results file.

I can't work out how to write a script to do this in filemaker ie to find a matching record in the main table, enter the data from the Lab results table in the appropriate fields, then return to the Lab results table and do the same with the next record.


I would also like to recursively find sets of records related to each record in the main file and then number them according to date entered, but I can't work out how to get the find command to work in a script without it stopping and asking me for data in the appropriate fields.