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Moving database from local machine to server

Question asked by deathrobot on Feb 23, 2015
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Moving database from local machine to server


I am nearing completion of a long-term database build, and first wanted to say thanks to PhilModJunk and the others on this valuable forum. I have asked nearly 70 questions, each of them answered quickly and thoughtfully. Thank you!

The database has thus far been only used on a single machine. In the next few days, I will be moving it over to a Mac Mini running Filemaker Server 13. Is there anything I should watch out for when making the move? Some questions I can think of:

1) Do all fonts used need to reside on the server machine, or is being on the user machines enough?
2) Do third party plug-ins run on the server or the client machines?
3) I have several PDF creation scripts. They get written to Get(TemporaryPath), which I assume will still work fine, but also to the user’s desktop. I believe Get(DesktopPath) refers to the user’s desktop, so this should still work fine. Is that correct?
4) PDFs are currently being stored in the database, but I would like them to be referenced once the database is on the server. Is that a simple matter of turning on “Store container data externally” in the container field options dialog?

Anything else to be aware of?