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    Moving Databases



      Moving Databases


           I got a question

           We need to move or relocate the whole databases from 1 machine (imac) to another computer (windows 7) and share it , so others would be able to connect to that database over network.
           i need a summery of steps i should take. or how should i do that?
           Thank you. 

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               Solution files can simply be moved as any other file would be.

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                 If the iMac is on the network with the Windows computers, they can access the database (FMP12?) as easily as from a Win computer.
                 Assuming Filemaker has been setup to share the database.

                 Moving the database from one computer to another is a matter of simply copying it.
                 On the iMac in Filemaker - save the database to another location (back it up) (maybe name it MyDBNameBackup?)
                 Save it again with "compacted copy Smaller" option selected (a second backup) (MyDBNameSmaller?)
                 Save it once more "Clone" option selected (a third backup clone with no records} (MyDBNameClone?)
                 Backups are always a GOOD idea.

                 Close Filemaker, copy the database to Flash Drive or Ext HD and move to Windows computer.
                 Setup sharing and test.



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                   Please note, however, that there are some platform differences that may cause problems for you until you resolve them.

                   The most obvious is that layouts designed on a mac system often need adjustment before they look right on a windows system. Fortunately, once you fix them on a windows system, they normally still look ok on the Mac systems. The issue that causes this is that text of the same font and size takes a bit more room to correctly display on windows systems. This small difference can result in text that is clipped or that wraps diferently on the windows machine.

                   If your solution opens and closes windows, you may see a difference in how that works on the windows side--especially if windows are maximized.

                   If you have Open URL Script steps, Web Viewers or Container fields that contain file paths, platform differences can keep them from working on both systems unless you add code that detects the platform and applies the needed correction.

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                     Thanx guys,
                     So as i understood:
                     i have databases in a folder on desktop of mac, i could just copy them into the new windows machine over the newtork?
                     and have the users access that database from their client through that new windows share?

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                  NEVER EVER use filesharing to access a FileMaker database on either windows or Mac systems. According to the Tech support staff at FileMaker, this can damage your database file. You would host the file from a copy of FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro on that computer and they would use Open Remote... to access the hosted file.

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                         i may need 3-4 users be able to edit simultaneously , what is the solution to that.
                         let's say this way,
                         we currently have a imac filemaker pro which all the databases  are in.
                         i want to move the database to a windows 7 machine and make it as a server.
                         so almost 4 clients(with fm pro) can connect to it.

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                           If you install a copy of FileMaker Pro on the computer where the file is located, you can use it to open the file and then 9 additional computers can use Open Remote to open and use the same copy of the database file. You will need to turn on Sharing for that copy of FileMaker and enable sharing for the file as well.

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                             Thanks alot
                             Well then, are you sure about the not using database files over the filesharing? 
                             because here they've been doing it for a long time and nothing happened.

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                                    because here they've been doing it for a long time and nothing happened.

                               Please note that I have been quoting the warning shared with me at different times by numerous tech support staff that work for FIleMaker inc. What you report may simply mean that you have been lucky so far.