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    Moving Excel worksheet(s) to FileMaker



      Moving Excel worksheet(s) to FileMaker


      I have a main Excel worksheet with three additional worksheets (all in the same workbook and linked to each other) and am looking to move them all into FileMaker. Is this possible?

      Additionally, will the following be able to be transferred to FileMaker from Excel?:

      vlookup, lookup lists, warning messages, VBA, formulas


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          I am not positive, but as far as I know, when you import data from Excel all you are doing is importing the data, not the underlying formulas. This is mainly because the relationships between tables in FM do not work the same as the relationships between worksheets in excel. I might be able to suggest something, but I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe if you gave me an idea of your end goal I could help you think of a way to get there.

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            For example, do you want each worksheet to become a separate table in FileMaker?

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              I would say that each worksheet (or group of cells going vertically) is a corresponding lookup table, all joined to the main table. It's a spreadsheet which thinks it's a database... I also have some of the data in Access. I think the problem is transferring over some of the additional functionality from Microsoft (formulas, macros etc.), which I may not want to lose, unless I do a rewrite in FileMaker (which I would need to learn as an application, so would have to go through my own learning curve.)

              Am interested in the additional possibility of placing spreadsheets/databases on the net (instant web publishing). Is all the data stored and managed on external servers (the cloud?).

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                If you Click Downloads at the top of the screen, you can navigate to a collection of PDF documents you can download. One of these is the manual on Instant Web Publishing. You might want to read that document. With Instant Web Publishing, the data is stored in a FileMaker database on a server you set up for this purpose. This could be a machine on your premises that you set up for this purpose or you can contract with a FileMaker web Hosting service to host the database for you.

                FileMaker's structure, query and sort methods are just too different for any kind of "port" of your visual basic or excel formulas to be practical. You'll need to recreate the same basic capabilities in FileMaker with scripts, calculations, etc.

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                  I think if you want to import data into filemaker you are going to have to learn it as an application to some extent. I would at least spend half a day figuring out how it works. I personnal got a copy of File Maker Pro 11 The Missing Manual and figured out most of the basic functionality in an afternoon. FileMaker is organized differently from Excel. In excel, if you want to reference something you locate it based on which cell it is located in. In Filemaker you reference data by the table and field that it is stored in. As a result, the calculations that you have in Excel probably would not transfer directly over to Filemaker, though it would be difficult to really understand why without being familiar with FileMaker.

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                    OK - many thanks for both of your responses. I will take my time to look into FileMaker and post back if I have any queries.

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                      Keep in mind that you can download a free trial copy of FileMaker. This can be a great and cost free way to figure out if this is something you want to purchase or not.

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                        What I have found is you have the basis in the workbook.  If you have a primary data worksheet with the supplememental sheets, you can import them as a start.  If you have columns with formulas, they will import as text.  You change these to calculations after import.  You can create the relationships after import.  Additionally you need to add summary fields where appropriate. 

                        Definitely download the trial and you can see how easy this really can be.  In creating formulas, you will find syntax to be similar enough that you will experience no difficulty.

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                          Thanks - I will download the trial version and do some testing.

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                            Don't hesitate to post back with questions as you do so. A few of us also "speak visual basic" and "MS Access" so we can help you with the "paradigm shift" needed to get FileMaker up and working for you.