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Moving Field Relationships Between Table Occurrences

Question asked by DennyHayes on Sep 15, 2009
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Moving Field Relationships Between Table Occurrences


In other words, if you have field A and field B related to a field in table T, and so that you don't have a mess on the relationship layout, you create a second occurrence of table T called T2. Since tables T and T2 are actually the same table, just difference occurrences on the relationship layout , is there a way to move the relationship from table occurrence T to table occurrence T2. For some reason when you change the relationship from T to T2, every field that is related through T looses it's connection to table T, even though you are basically using the same table and the same fields. It is as if multiple occurrences of a table on the relationship layout are not the same table.


Is there a way to move a bunch of fields from one occurrence of a table to

another occurrence of the same table, without destroying the relationship

to the fields, so that you don't have to click on them one by one and

select the new relationship for each?



Could you clarify?  You can't move fields from one TO to another.  Fields

belong to tables not TOs.  Do you mean you switching the underlying TO of a

layout and don't want to repoint all the fields?  There is a neat trick for