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Question asked by BradWieland on Nov 26, 2012
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Moving Fields & Content from one table to another...


     I need to create four new tables from data already existing in one table. What I normally do for this is:

  1.           Duplicate the original table
  3.           Duplicate the pertinent fields
  5.           Duplicate the pertinent layouts
  7.           Import the data


I do not want this data to be created through a relationship  or a portal between the tables. Each of the four new tables needs to be independent.

     My system (flawed though it may be) works, except that I need to spend considerable time manually switching each field (in my new layout) so that they are showing records from the new table (rather than referencing the old table: Yellow dots instead of Green dots.)

     Is there a way to make all the duplicated fields in the new layouts/tables be native to the new table automatically?