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Moving fields from one table to another

Question asked by LisaPark on Mar 25, 2015
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Moving fields from one table to another


This is my first post so please be patient with me.

I've inherited management of a database.  We use Filemaker Pro 12 and we are a medical clinic.  Basically the way it is set up is that each patient is a separate record.  There are several different tables related to the patient's demographics and data.  We enter information from several different tests in different but related departments (hearing, surgery, speech, financial, etc).  All are linked back to the patient data table.  Looks like this:

The problem is that when our database was first created, the doctor who put it together put several tests in the wrong spot.  There are fields for speech tests within the hearing test table.  He created a "work around" that never really worked and now that it's in my lap, I intend to fix it.  We enter test results based on date.  In our layout all the speech tests are in one tab and audiology tests are in another.  When we add a new test date, if the clinician performed two tests, one that had fields correctly housed in the speech table and another in the audiology table, results for one of the tests does not get recorded.  I think that my solution is in moving the fields and importing the data for the speech tests that are in the hearing test table into the speech test table, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that.  Am I on the right track?  If so how can I make that happen or how can I fix this problem.

Thank you!