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Moving FMP 11 from Mac to Windows?

Question asked by NeilBrowning on Apr 4, 2015
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Moving FMP 11 from Mac to Windows?


My needs are simple. As a sole-trader, I bought FMP 11 in 2011, to run standalone on a Mac G5 running 10.5.8 ("flea-bitten moggie?!"). Nothing clever, just a basic flat-file database for which I've created a bunch of (fairly complicated) layouts that suit my guitar teaching business. Brilliant.

I'm getting seriously tempted by a Surface Pro 3 running windows 8 – so, can I get FMP 11 (or somesuch) cheaply on the windows machine so that I can IMPORT my layouts without having to spend literally hours recreating them?

It seems really hard to ascertain from the Filemaker website whether FMP is even available for Windows at all...?!

cheers, Neil