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Moving from FMP 5 to 10 ... ideas?

Question asked by Pictrix on Oct 31, 2009
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Moving from FMP 5 to 10 ... ideas?


Time for us to finally start the migration to the 21st century... from Mac OS9 to OSX.

We've got an extensive set of FMP files (I go back to filemaker II, although these files don't!) and are slogging our way through upgrades.


Is there anywhere I can go to get some information about proceeding? 

For the moment, I'm interested in what specific issues I may encounter in the conversion process. 

(For example, Some while back we tested a set of files on a demo of FMP7 or 8, and discovered some calcs didn't work when set with a null "" value and had to be reset to a 0 instead.)


Yeah, I'm dreading this, but someone's gotta get with it, else we'll be stuck with 2 computers per desk for perpetuity :)


Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.