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    Moving from FMP 5 to 10 ... ideas?



      Moving from FMP 5 to 10 ... ideas?


      Time for us to finally start the migration to the 21st century... from Mac OS9 to OSX.

      We've got an extensive set of FMP files (I go back to filemaker II, although these files don't!) and are slogging our way through upgrades.


      Is there anywhere I can go to get some information about proceeding? 

      For the moment, I'm interested in what specific issues I may encounter in the conversion process. 

      (For example, Some while back we tested a set of files on a demo of FMP7 or 8, and discovered some calcs didn't work when set with a null "" value and had to be reset to a 0 instead.)


      Yeah, I'm dreading this, but someone's gotta get with it, else we'll be stuck with 2 computers per desk for perpetuity :)


      Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction. 

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          I would start by reading the migration tech briefs.



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            I've done that exact process with my files here where I work.


            I strongly recommend geting FMP 10 advanced. The Database Design Reports, though flawed, are invaluable. The script debugger is a life saver also.


            A few observations NOT in the tech briefs:


            The converted calculation field expressions will be riddled with unecessary calls to "getAsNumber". Almost always harmless, but results in annoying "clutter" in your expressions. In a very rare number of cases (2 fields out of hundreds), I had to remove the function to get correct evaluation.


            Script steps that trigger scripts in other filemaker files, may leave the wrong window to the front. This is easy to fix, but it can be confusing at first when you don't see the related file pop to the front like it did in the original file.


            You will have the option of merging your single table files into multi-table files--this can be a nice upgrade, but its labor intensive as not all parts of the file to be merged can simply be imported into the target file. You might want to investigate a utility called FMMigrator--haven't used it but if works, it sounds like a very good tool to use.


            Go To Related records is a very different and poorly documented tooll in the newer versions of Filemaker. Your converted files should have no problem, but if you start to modify and upgrade your files to use it in new ways, you might encounter some issues. See the following thread for more on it:


            The Complete Go To Related Record

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              Thank you both very much for pointing me to the links.... I am delving into as much of it as I can take in this evening :)


              Did try a "test conversion" on our speediest machine... and all I can say is WOW  lol.  


              Yeah, we've got a mess to check over (but first, going about getting the background info we need) but I was totally blown away by how fast those things processed on the newer OS/machines, it wasn't funny. Or... actually it probably was :)

              That set of files has been doggy on old hardware for years...  so this could actually be fun.


              Can hardly wait to get this thing up and running... it's been awhile since I've filemongered... makes for a good winter-weather project...


              Thanks again!