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Moving header won't adjust correctly

Question asked by CDCASA on Feb 24, 2012


Moving header won't adjust correctly


I am trying to align a header split line with another layout in a different file and when I went to move the header line to the appropriate spot it would not let me move it by pixel like usual. I mostly align things in pixel mode (rather than in/cm) and this time the line moves 4 pixels at a time rather than just one at a time so I cannot get it to the correct postion. I also noticed that when looking at the original file layout that I am trying to make the new layout look like has a different graphic ruler position. the starting point at the top of the graphic ruler on the left side of the page is shifted up more than the other layout. I don't know what this means either but I think the two problems may be related. I have the same title at the top of each page and I checked the inspector to see what pixel number they were each positioned at and they are the same but when I look at what pixel position they are at on the graphic ruler they are different. What is going on here?