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Moving items in a list

Question asked by mattb on Nov 24, 2009
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Moving items in a list


I'm a Visual Foxpro programmer new to FMP.  I'm attempting to rebuild a commercial Windows VFP application using the Mac OSX version of FMP and essentially duplicate all functionality.  However, it appears that VFP has more pre-built objects in its screen building toolbox than FMP does and I'm struggling with what I considered to be a few basic issues.


For example, last week I noticed that FMP doesn't have listbox objects like VFP does.  I put the question out on this forum and got an excellent reply - use a Portal with a copy of a table that has a self-referential relationship to the original table.  That did the trick and now I have listbox capability in FMP.


But now I need to take the next step.  VFP listboxes have an option to turn on "mover buttons" in the listbox object which allows the user to move individual list items up and down within the listbox using the mouse.   I see this function in the FMP development environment itself - look at the Manage Databases Tables and Fields tabs.  These screens have double-vertical arrows on the left that provide this functionality.  


My question is:  how can I insert this functionality into the screens I'm building in FMP?  I don't see any way to do that.   I'm hoping there is a way.




Matt Bloomfield