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    Moving New Data Entry Field to the Top



      Moving New Data Entry Field to the Top



      I'm sure this will end up being an easy 'duh' answer... but I have a field (sitting in a tab window).  I am entering Data using a checkbox set, organized by Date.  When I am in browse mode and want to enter data, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the list of all the other data I've entered previously.

      How do I change it so the most recent entries are on top (along with the new data entry field) and the older ones are on bottom?  I've played around trying to change it, but I just can't figure it out.  Am I overlooking something simple?

      Thanks for any help you can offer!!


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          You can't dynamically move a field, but you can control which record is first in the found set or in the top of a portal. Is that what you want?

          Say you define a field in your table as an auto-entered serial number. This will number each new record with an increasingly larger number. If you sort your records by this serial number in descending order, the most recently created records will be listed first. Likewise if you have a date field that auto-enter's the current date when the record is created, you can sort in descending order on that date field and get much the same record order.

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            I have a person, say person #1.  For him on 8/3/10 I am entering data for him in his record (the checkbox set).  When I go to enter the data, I have to scroll down past all the other data that was entered before (say, 7/22, 5/21. 4/1 etc) until I can get to the spot where I can enter new data.  If I have a record with years of entries, I will have to scroll down a LOT before getting to the new data entry line. 

            I figure how to sort my data in a report, but I'm hoping to avoid extensive scrolling just to enter data.


            Thanks again!!

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              But what are you scrolling?

              A list view layout?
              A Portal?
              A text field with a scroll bar?

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                Sorry for the long delay... I was pulled into other projects.


                I am using Table 1 as the main layout.

                Within this layout I am looking at the data from Table 2, using a portal.

                Table 2 is indexed by date.  I have it sorted now so the most recent data entry is at the top when you first view the table (via portal).  Unfortunetly to enter a new data point, I scroll down the field (past previously entered data) to get the spot to enter a new date and data point (field new data entry line?).  At some point I will have hundreds of previously entered data to go past before getting to the line where I can enter new data.  Is there some way to move that to the top?  (So there is the blank new data entry line, followed by all the data that has been entered).

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                  This is a known limitation of FileMaker. Here's a way to work around it.

                  You can add a button to your layout to use for adding a new record. The script might be as simple as this:

                  Freeze Window
                  Set Variable [$ID ; YourTable1::YourPrimaryKey] //Whatever field is used to link table 1 to the portal of table 2 records
                  Go To Layout [ //layout based on table 2]
                  New Record/Request
                  Set Field [ YourTable2::YourForeignKey ; $ID ]
                  Go To Layout [ original layout ]

                  When you click the button, you should see a new blank row appear at the top of your portal. Once you have this working, you can remove the "Allow creation of records via this relationship" option if you wish.