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Moving Records Between Sections on a Layout

Question asked by pademo57 on Oct 13, 2014
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Moving Records Between Sections on a Layout


Not sure if this is possible:

The company I work for has a process that divides work orders in to 8 different sections and the order is moved from one section to the next section once that part of the order is completed.

Is there a way to have sections on a layout with records in each section? And, if possible, to move a record from one section to another section?

The idea is that the record at the bottom of the section is the next record to be acted upon and the record at the top of the section would be the last.  Once a process has been completed the operator could click a button that would indicate on the record that item was completed and then move that record from the bottom of one section and drop it into the next section at the top. Is this even possible?