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Moving records between tables

Question asked by drushton on Jan 9, 2010
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Moving records between tables


  I have a file containing a layout, (Machine Parts) and multiple (Drawings) layouts. When finding records (Parts) in the (Drawings) layouts each record is given a unique number corresponding with the drawing so the find is singular. When finding records in the (Machine Parts) layout, the record is found by information and may return multiple records. I would like to pick a single record from the layout (Machine Parts) along with records from multiple (Drawing) layouts and copy them to a new layout (Parts Request). When the records are in the (Parts Request) layout additional information fields were added. Two check boxes were added (Part Issued), (Stock Out) and a button Request Complete. After the record is complete, the button "Request Completed" is clicked. The records are sent to two new layouts, (parts Issued) or (Stock Out) depending on which check box was picked and the (Parts Request) Layout is cleared. I have created tables for the layouts Machine Parts,Parts request, Parts issued and Stock out. I thought it would work similar to a internet shopping cart but I am having trouble getting it to work without corrupting the original Machine Parts layout or not moving the records correct.


                                                                         Thank You