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Moving Records between Tables or use Layout Trigger?

Question asked by ChadGist on Jan 14, 2014
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Moving Records between Tables or use Layout Trigger?


     I know this has been discussed a few times on these forums, but I am still unclear on what the best solution is for me.

     We use our database to track orders that are in process. At some point I would like to mark a record as Shipped by marking the shipped date on a drop down calendar, which will then remove the record from the existing layout, or at least hide it. I would then like to use this field to chart our Shipped data by day, month, year, etc. and keep that history forever.

     My first shot at this was to use a Layout Enter script that would perform a find and omit records. This worked until I tried to perform an additional quick find, and then the Shipped records would show back up. Is there a better way to set up the layout script?...or do I want to import these records into a new table, and then delete them from the old table? If it makes any difference, we'll probably be adding a few thousand records per year.

     Thanks for the help!