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Moving records into a repeating field by script

Question asked by Musashi on Dec 30, 2008
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Moving records into a repeating field by script


I am sure that this is a very simple problem with a very simple solution:


I have a layout "Cash Sales" that you record the Delivery No, item, unit price, quanity, etc. If there is more than one item the record duplicates with the same delivery number, and you enter the next item, etc until you have entered all the items.


I have created another layout "Delivery Cash Sales" This will take all the records from "Cash Sales" with the same delivery no and fill in the repeating fiield so you will end up with one record with all the items That can be printed and passed to the customer when the items are delivered.


I have tried to create a script that will take all the items in fill in the repeating fields, but I only succeed at getting the first field of repeating field with the last record.


Anyone have any ideas.