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    moving tables with portal data



      moving tables with portal data


      Hi, I have 2 tables A and B. Both have exacly the same fields in them. I  have a scrip that uses the "import" function to move records from A to  B.
      If I insert a portal in both A and B layouts from a seperate table how  can i use the import function to move records complete with the portal  data
      from Table A to B?

      any ideas?

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          How are you doing the script import?

          In any case, you can use Go To Related Record to the gind the related records and fields in the portal.

          However, I would like to know why you have to two with the exact same fields?  If they one difference in them like, Old and New, you can create a field that can discriminate between the two categories (also with use of a find).  Then you can make the field into a checkbox on the layout, so to switch between the two categories either check or uncheck it.

          If that is confusing let me know.