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moving text with applescript

Question asked by leighs5_1 on Feb 5, 2009
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moving text with applescript


I'm trying to move text from a Filemaker 10 field to a BBEdit document using Applescript.  The script looks something like this:


tell application "FileMaker Pro"

set theBody to (cell "text" of record recNum)

tell application "BBEdit"

make new document with properties {contents:(theBody)}

end tell

end tell


Unfortunately, any hard returns in the text are lost and replaced with boxes.  I suspect that I need to specify that we are working in Unicode somehow, but so far nothing has worked.  I've tried:


set theBody to Unicode text of (cell "text" of record recNum)




make new document with properties {contents:(temptext), linebreaks:Unicode}


but these both cause the script to fail with "object not found" or "can't get some object"


Anybody know how I can fix this?  I can manually copy and paste the field from Filemaker to BBEdit just fine.


thanks for your help!