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    moving the 'record pointer'



      moving the 'record pointer'


      I have a found set of records in list view.  I want to examine each field in the record, concatenate the date field with the record before and the move the record pointer down and do it again.


      I got everything working except I can't figure out how to move the record pointer to the next record???


      Thanks for your ideas.


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          Script Steps: 

          Go to Record/Request/Page[Next] -- specify Next using the drop down menu in ScriptMaker

          Go to Field[...] -- where "..." is what you specify in ScriptMaker


          Mind you, I don't think the Go to Field[] step will work if you're not in a layout that contains/shows the field ... so set context in the script by using a Go to Layout script step before the Go to Field[] step


          Let me know if the works, and correct me if I'm wrong ...  

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            Set Field [gDateList,""]--gDateList is a global text field


               Set Field[gDateList,gDateList & getastext(datefield)]

               Go to next record [exit after last]

            end loop


            Alternatively you can use set variable instead of set field, depending on what you want to do.


            Believe it or not, there once was a time when "Go to next record" with the exit after last option was the ONLY type of repetitive task you could script in FileMaker!