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    Moving to new Mac



      Moving to new Mac


      I have FMPro 6 on my G4, I now have an iMac 21 1/2. How can I transfer one large data base from the old to the new Mac?

      Also, can I use my FMPro6 in the OSX 6, or must I upgrade  to the lastest FMPro? 

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          I have a client using FMP 5.5 on Leopard OSX 10.5.8 to access a FMPServer 5.5.

          I have not tried to install such an early version on Snow Leopard 10.6 

          The reports I have read indicate that FMP 8 and 9 sometimes work, depending on the database complexity.


          The file transfer could be done with a USB flash drive, firewire target disk mode, external harddrive, network, internet file transfer website or email attachment 

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            Hi and thanks for the response.

            There is document on the old Mac that is called "books" that is my data. If I just move this to the iMac and drop it into FMP will that work?


            Regards, Michael 

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              I would backup, Save AS, the database as Books2

              I would use the Recover command under File Menu in FMP 6 on Books2 which will create a Books2 Recovered file

              Move the recovered database to the Macbook Rename it Books3

              Install FMP 6 and test the database.

              If it does not work, download the FMP 10 demo, install and test.

              It would be useful if you posted the results of the process.