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MP3 and video database fot Pro use   --- URGENT !!!

Question asked by richardparis on Mar 1, 2009
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MP3 and video database fot Pro use   --- URGENT !!!


Hello I need some help & advise


I need to create a database for professional use for MP3 and Videoclips MP2 & MP4.


All the file names are created like this

A000000-ARTIST - TITLE.mp3


For legal uses with the recordcompanys we need to create a good, in  text file, exportable  database.

 It's needs to do the following: when I create a file of an mp3 in the database, it changes the file number wich is now A000000 in a number of the datebase file, in every file of a song I need to save the following information: Artist, Title, composer, year of release, Record Company, ISRC number, popularity, language, and I need to link it to 5 different categories of music types (Rap, rock , pop, classic, etc.....)


Is it possible to do in Filemaker ?????


I've been looking for days on the net and I stil haven't found what i'm looking for, hopefully Filemaker Pro is what I need.


When there is somebody who can create a good working program template I'm willing to pay for it !!!