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    MS Access



      MS Access


      Hello -


      I have used FMP for many years. Recently I received an important MS Access file and don't know how to open it or to convert it into something usable and eventually place the data into FMP.


      This a one time only use so I hope I do not have to buy a PC or Windows or Pro Office just to do this. I'd rather pay someone to make the conversion if that is one way.





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          Thank you for your post.


          I do not have a copy of Access, but wouldn't it be easier to ask the person who gave you the file to export the data to tab-delimited or comma-delimited text format?  Just a thought.


          If that doesn't work, let me know, and I'll see if I can find a copy of Access from another Support Technician.



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            TSGal -


            Thanks.  The originator does not seem to know how to convert it to anything.

            His attitude is that, "since I have a Macintosh, that's my problem".


            But the data is important and I really hope that I can get it into FMP since I will be needing to update the data in the furure.


            Thanks again for any more ideas.





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              There is a utility for migrating databases between applications.

              I downloaded the demo years ago, seemed to work.


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                I just downloaded a trial version of Access (actually, you have to download an entire suite of products to get Access).


                I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send your Access file.  I will convert the data to a text file and have the text file emailed to you by someone in our Technical Support department.



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                  Thanks TSGal -


                  I will send the file later today. I am going out at the moment and will be back in 2-3 hours.


                  Thanks again,



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                         Hello hillwright

                         you want to get Access -> Filemaker?

                         Access and Filemaker share many common  Features,  and some they donot

                         I believe there is some literature on FM Pro 12 that explains about importing other database sources

                         so yes it can be done, in theory

                         the problem is you are probably using an older Access database, even  in the newer Access databases you have to do alot of fiddiling to convert an older Access database to a newer Access Database. Microsoft changes their software daily, I suppose thats why you are trying Filemaker

                         since there is a Filemaker Windows version of Filemaker, that should not be a problem with a Macversion of Filemaker I have seen none

                         Access will store to Excel and you could import Excel into Filemaker

                         or you may approach it by the ODBC method they both share that in common

                         The only problem with an Access conversion will usually be the formating.