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    MS Access relationship database import



      MS Access relationship database import


           I have a relational database in Access that currently has issues completely importing into Filemaker Pro 12.

           I have already manually set up my tables, fields, and relationships in Filemaker Pro to mimic the setup in Access. I tried importing tables via .xlsx (excel) files, which work for the most part EXCEPT fields/columns of type "short text" in Access do not copy over - my corresponding fields in filemaker that are specified as text just turn out blank. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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               Update: I've also tried .csv, .txt (tab delimited), and they're working for all tables except one. This table doesn't seem to have anything different from the others, but for some reason it just won't import properly. 


               Either the fields don't match up (all the fields from the xlsx automatically correspond to the first field of my Filemaker table, which isn't right) or the fields match up but the short text fields end up blank on my filemaker table.

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                 If you export to XLSX or XLS files, looking at the problem fields may give a clue.

                 I would be tempted to open the XLS in Filemaker, you should get clean data and then import into your designed database.

                 There is a utility to do many conversions - www.fmpromigrator.com/