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MS Access to FM Pro - questions before making a purchase?

Question asked by NCDave on Oct 25, 2013
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MS Access to FM Pro - questions before making a purchase?


     Hello All,

     I'm new to this forum - after recent retirement, I transitioned from PCs to Apple (iMac + MBPro w/ Mtn Lion - plan to go to Mavericks but not immediately); I had a half dozen databases on Access, 4 of the smaller ones transferred to other programs (Google Drive, Numbers, & iPad app) - BUT, I have 2 large musical databases for my CD collection, one w/ 2500 records & the other w/ 1500.  Before spending $300 on FM Pro (which is steep for someone in retirement especially for this purpose) and having tried Numbers which failed me in wanting a certain printout appearance, I have several questions that I hope can be answered - thanks in advance for any help:

       1.  Import the 2 large Access DBs into FM Pro - I assume that my best option is to use the 'unsorted' table, export to Numbers (as an Excel file extension), then import into FM?  I at that point manipulate the table relative to sorting, etc.?

       2. Reports & printing - certain columns in my DBs contain repetitive entries (attached are two pics from my wine recommended DB shown in Numbers) - in the altered table (right) I simply deleted repeat entries, but in Access in setting up a report I was able to easily achieve this goal - Numbers does not offer me that flexibility w/o using a bunch of complex formulas (just went through a long discussion in the Apple Community, so that is my understanding) - SO, does FM Pro provide that printing feature easily?

     Thanks for comments or any other suggestions - not sure that there is another 'powerful' DB for the Mac OS that would accomplish my goal (all of the 'free' Office suites appear deficient in their printing options).  Dave