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mulitple Join tables for multiple many to many relationships, how can I get report

Question asked by sweetcuda on Jul 20, 2011
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mulitple Join tables for multiple many to many relationships, how can I get report


Houston I am having a major problem! I can use Tabs on my layout for entering in the information for my MANY, many to many relationship join tables but I want to be able to to do a one page report that will print where it will give all the information. HEre are my tables:


Containers: ContainerID

Triggers: TriggerID

Alarm: AlarmID

Specialty: SpecialtyID

Each of these tables are joined to the Device table with a middle table so for example

Containers table is joined to Device table with a table called Device_Contianer and in this container I have DeviceID and ContainerID

and that is how all the other join tables are setup. It works great when I can put the information in tabs in portals but I need a report of all containers, triggers, alarms etc that are in the one device and I cannot figure out how to get a report like this.

For some reason I think I have my database setup horribly wrong or have made it too complicated. I would really appreciate some help, guidance, tutoring..... ANYTHING.... I have to get this thing together and deployed using filemaker go (which is a whole other bag of worms). I just need to get this part together so my guys can start using it and then I can figure out how to go about doing an inventory qty in and qty out..... I am just so frustrated and lost. I have done the training online and I have the missing manual book (but have not had the time to read it yet).