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Mulligan on Relationships Help Question

Question asked by mdphillips on Feb 17, 2015
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Mulligan on Relationships Help Question


First off - many thanks to Phil for trying to help me out with this before.  Either I'm a complete idiot (very possible) or I didn't represent the project very well so I thought I would try it again since I think the relationships are a bit more complex that I originally anticipated.

The project needs, goals or whatever they are called are as follows:

The group has many members that need to be tracked for position certification
The group has 19 different positions available
Each member can become certified for more than 1 position
Each position has a task book and a Job Action Sheet (JAS) associated with it
Each member will have their task book(s) evaluated several times before becoming certified
Each member also receives 1 JAS for each position(s) every time they perform it

I added fields for every pk/fk combo I could think of even though I might not need them (newbie overkill) so don't laugh.  I also included a picture of what I would like to use as the main data entry layout.  Members could be added and then the related data could be added/seen via the portal.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.