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    Multi - User work areas



      Multi - User work areas


           I've created a summary report that uses a work table that I clear (DELETE ALL), selects data from mutliple tables based on the users requests and then creates records in the work table  for reporting.

           But if multiple users want to run the report at the same time but for different criteria, they will be conflicts in the work table.  

           Besides globals, what can I use for individual users so that they don't run into each other ?  I'm guessing that I'll have to create globals with 32000 occurences each to use as my work table, but am hoping for an easier solution as navigating (sorting, scrolling,...) would require me to write some rather unusual code that I would also have to alter for each new work table. 

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               Why do you need that "work table"? It may be an unavoidable requirement but if you can avoid using it, you avoid this issue.

               It's possible to make this work by "tagging" the records created by each user by their account name. Then your scripts and relationships use these tags so that User A sees and deletes on the records tagged with his account name and thus work table records created by User B are left untouched.

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                  Coming from the IBM AS/400 arena, each user has a temporary work folder that is created for them when they log in. They can use this folder for whatever work files they need without worrying about any other user. The folder is deleted when they logoff.  Perhaps in a future, future release of FMP...

                 Thanks, the idea of tagging also occurred to me so will go with it.  

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                   What I am describing is, functionally,  exactly the same as what you describe with "folders". But such is rarely needed in FileMaker. If you describe how you are trying to use this work table, someone might be able to suggest an alternative approach that does not require using one.