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Multi criteria sort

Question asked by MichaelShearer on Mar 19, 2014
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Multi criteria sort


     I'm trying to script a sort that sorts by two fields, "Week's Total" and "Score". "Week's Total" is easy, sort by the highest number. The second is a little harder. The "Actual Score" may not match the score picked. I will need it to be the closest to the actual score. It can be over or under but it has to be the closest.

     Here is an example:

     I have picked 11 correct and score of 30. You pick 11 correct and a score of 40. The actual score is 33. I'm 3 off but you are 7 off so it sorts me #1 and you #2.

     I'm also trying to find the sort order list. The help mentions it but I haven't located it.