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Multi Department Solution

Question asked by EP on Dec 12, 2012
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Multi Department Solution


     Working on a solution that will be 1 file for an entire company.  This solution will served with FMS12 and used with FMP clients and FM Go.  There will be many departments (Human resources, Office, Marketing, Project management, etc etc.) involved and each user will be assigned to an appropriate privilge set.  I am trying to brainstorm the best apporach to do this and have brainstormed the folllowing ideas:

     -Make separate layouts for each privilege set that would be identical except for one button that brings the user to a "dashboard" to choose whch department they would like to access (some users will have access to 2 or more depts).  The users that only have access to one dept, would have their own layout without the button to bring them to the "dashboard."

     -Not sure if it is possible, but maybe a dropdown list that shows each department?  This would prevent clutter (no need for buttons) and allow for quicker navigation for users that access more than one dept.

     Any ideas from the more experienced Devs?