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Multi file / split and related records

Question asked by PaulSmith on Dec 4, 2010
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Multi file / split and related records


I have inherited a database in multiple files. For the purposes of allowing better maintenance I have split the data and front end components of each table.

Old structure (where db contains all)


dbPeople.fp7       (people::orgID=org::orgID)

New structure (where db contains data, and fe contains scripts, layouts etc)


dbPeople.fp7       (people::orgID=org::orgID)



Life used to be simple as I could simply use Go To Related Record if I wanted to, say, display the organisation record for a person.

So now that I have forms for orgs and people in their respective fe files, and tables in the db files how can I achieve this?

i.e. if I find a person and need to change the address of their respective organisation I need to open feOrganisation with the same found set as in fePerson to display the current person's organisation.

Thanks in advance