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Multi Level Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by SlicChic on Jun 4, 2014
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Multi Level Conditional Value Lists


     I've created a layout where we can enrol students in a specific class.  The relationship is as such:

     Enrolments >--------Classes  (Classes as info such as name, type, start date, etc.)

     In enrolment, I have created value lists that relate to the class information.  What I'd like is to first choose "Program Type", and then "Start Year", "Start Month", etc....until I'm presented with only class(es) to choose from based on the previous options.  

     Then problem is that all the fields are only showing related records based on the initial selection in "Program Type".  (ie. selecting "Music A", "2014" is showing all classes of Music A, regardless of the year.  

     I've included a couple screen shots if that helps.