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    Multi page document



      Multi page document


      Hello, I have a 45 page document that I want to be able to scroll through rather than have to click on a button to go to the next page. Is there a way to do this?

      As it is now, I have created 45 layout pages that I have to view by clicking on a button to goto the layout.

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          Instead of 45 pages, you can create 45 records.


          Define a text field to enter a page of text. Size and place it on a layout to fill the page/screen.

          Now copy your text and paste it into the field for page 1.

          Select new record from the records menu.

          copy and paste the text for page 2.

          Repeat until you have 45 records.


          You can move from record to record to view your pages by clicking the book control in the status area or if you select list view, you can use the scroll bar to scroll through your pates. (You can also use your mouse's thumbwheel to scroll through your records.)

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            Thank you for the reply!

            What exactly I am trying to do is this,

            I want to create a 45 page form that I can scroll through to review the information before printing.

            I am entering information into many related records that will fill in fields in this 45 page form. So, once the data is entered in the records I then want to view the whole completed form. similiar to what you would see if viewing a multi-page PDF.

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              It could be you really need 45 different layouts, but without actually seeing what data you are entering in your database, that seems like major overkill here. There may be ways to simplify your database structure so that you don't need so many layouts.


              You could combine multiple layouts in a single long one, but you'll hit a maximum layout size limit before you get all 45 pages on the same layout. You could combine enough that you have only a few layouts instead of 45. (A layout can be more than one page long.)