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    Multi Point Record Selection



      Multi Point Record Selection


      Ok all, I originally thought this was an easy solution; however, I am running into an issue. The users want to be able to select a Customer by either their name (currently a cascading drop down list) AND by a separate account number. I have added the the account number into the relationship graph much like the first selection cascading dd field. However this does not seem to work. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you so much for your help.

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          I think you need to describe what you need and what you've tried in a bit more detail.

          What is supposed to happen when they select a name in the drop down? (A script performs a find, records appear in a portal or in blank fields on the current layout, or?)

          Exactly what relationships did you define for the two drop downs that didn't work for you?

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            Sorry, yeah my original explanation was fairly spartan. The cascading drop down list uses takes a primary key from the company and passes it to the second table as company name (the first selection). The same company primary key then is passed into the customer field(second selection in the cascading dropdown). A table occurance of the customer table then gets passed into the 2nd table for selection.

            I originally attempted to use the acctNumber from the company table and just pipe it into the selection field from table 2. This didn't work. Then I took a table occurance of the company table and pipe it back into the 2nd table. 

            The dropdown list is just used to drill through company/contacts. Ideally you would want both the acct number and the company name to do the same thing. If I select the company Name drop down it will fill in the acct number and allow me to select relevant contacts. This would do the same if I selected the acct number, the name would be selected and I could select a certain contact.

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              Sorry, but I still have questions about what you are trying to do and how your system is designed.

              Is this to create a new record or to find existing records?

              What tables do you have and how have you related them?

              Can you list the relationships involved in this format?

              TableName::KeyField = TableName::Keyfield