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      Multi User




                     I downloaded the free trial of FM v 12 and have a question. I am looking to create a database for a non profit organization in which   each user would log in and work with only their own records that they created. The organization is multi user and multi location. But since I only have the free download I cannot test this sencerio out. 

                     I created the database already, using some of FM's features such as the container file. But before spending any money I need to know if I could create this type of  situation.

                     Thank you for your help.



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               You could download the demo onto other computers (on same network is easiest) and test the multi-user option.
               FMP and FMP Advanced support 9 users with FMP installed on their computers.

               You could test the Instant Web Publishing option by turning it on in Sharing. (on same local network is easiest)
               FMP and FMP Advanced support 5 concurrent users accessing with a web browser.

               Google "IWP  site:forums.filemaker.com"   for threads about it on these forums.

               This is a list of FMP links that may be useful.   http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/f6ed4be796?commentId=222931#222931

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                 Each user would have to have a copy of Filemaker.  If you're going to have more than 9 users then you would need filemaker server.



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                   Thanks David.

                   They do not have a local area network. I was thinking about having it hosted. There are several hosting sites with  a trial testing period. So I just might try that.


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                     Thanks S  Chamblee

                     Since they don't have a file server, we could have it hosted and then each person would need their own copy of the database. But that would be cost prohibitive. 


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                       The alternative to installing a copy of FileMaker on each user's machine is to use that hosting service to publish your database to the web using Instant or Custom web publishing. Then your user's would use their web browsers to access the database.

                       Both options should be researched carefully to understand the strenghs and weaknesses of each approach.

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                         Thanks Phil,

                         I plan to use the hosting service to do as you suggest. Also, I did some research and there is away to have each user work with their records only which is great!