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    Multi User Server



      Multi User Server


           Im trying to figure out how to share me database between users.  Here is what we have.  two Mac osx computers with filemaker pro 13.  I also have a windows server 2008 network in our office.  My plan was to put the main fmp12 file on the server and both the mac computers could access the database at the same time.  I tried this and it will only allow one computer at a time to open the database.  What is the solution to this?  I do not plan on having the database open on either computer all day, but at time we will both need to access the database at the same time.

           Thank You

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               If you are using FileMaker Pro to host the database and two other computers to connect to it as clients of that database, you need three copies of FileMaker Pro with different license install numbers. If two users with the same install of FileMaker try to access the hosted database at the same time, you'll get an error message and fileMaker quits for the second user that attempts to access the database. Is that what is happening?

               If this is not the case and you have the needed licensed copies of FileMaker, then you need to properly configure the file for sharing by selecting "share with FIleMaker Clients" from the Share button in the tool bar. With the file highlighted in the "Currently open files" list, select the :"all users" radio button.

               Then, on the server machine, be sure to select this same option to turn on sharing for the FileMaker application. Then if the file is open in FileMaker Pro on the server, other users should be able to use open Remote to find and open the hosted database file, provided that each client is using is a correctly licensed copy of Filemaker.

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                 This may explain it i was testing at my desk using my mac pro and macbook pro" same install".  However we have another license for the other mac mini.  

                 Will I need three license? Or will i be able to share the file via a network folder on our server?  And only have two licenses. 

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                   You need three. With two, the host machine's license will match one of the clients and deny access to the file.

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                     Three licenses if the connections are concurrent.

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                       Two users can access it.  The one opening it first is the host.  The second person would access from Open Remote.