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    Multi-criteria find for a single field



      Multi-criteria find for a single field


      Been a FileMaker user for years however not at a  developer skill level and this one has me stumped.  I have thousands of records, each with a unique six digit ID number (Tracking ID).  I need to do a Find looking for a subset of hundreds of these Tracking ID numbers.  It would be great if I could simply paste into the appropriate field during a Find, comma seperated or some other type of delimited list of this sub set - and do a Perform Find.  It's not practical to do this search via "brute force" as the number of matches I am looking for is so large.

      IN addition, my users are not experienced with Filemaker so I need to make this process fairly easy to execute.  They are used to copying the Tracking ID's they are looking for from an Excel spreadsheet - then pasting them into another application.  I'd like to be able to provide a similarly straightforward process using FileMaker as it is a better solution than what we have been using.

      I've been doing my homework however I can't seem to find a way to do this.  Would be very grateful fo a nudge in the right direction.  Thank you.

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          Copying a single value, entering find mode and pasting is simple and works. Copying multiple tracking numbers would require some scripted support. By any chance will these be a range of values or will they be a random assortment of tracking ID's?

          You up for creating a script to automate this for your users?

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            Thanks for the response PhilModJunk - Yep sometimes a range will work but most of the time the numbers are random.  Am okay with the one ID number searches as well as the range of number searches, it's those random ones that I can't get working.

            Would be grateful for your assistance in coming up with a working script!  I've done some failry simple scripts in the past but am game to learn something new.  You lead and I'll do my best to keep up.

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              You'll need to figure out a "selection process" for selecting the records for which you want to search. If you have a multi-user database (more than one person accesses your database at the same time), it's even trickier as you'll want to keep each user's selections separate from the other.

              You could set up what looks like a button or check box field(really a button) and clicking it adds the value to a global field or variable where the values are kept in a list separated by returns. User's could click Record 1 and then shift click Record 2 to perform a script that starts with the first clicked record and adds the values from all records in your found set from the first clicked record to the second.

              Once you have such a list of values, you can use Go To Related Records or perform a find for all such user selected records.

              For Go TO Related Records, you set up a relationship between the global field where your scripts have built a list and the table you want to search on. Return separated values work like an "OR" relationship so all records matching to one of the listed values will be pulled up in  found set.

              To perform a find, you'd use either a global field or global variable and loop through the values setting up a find request for each, then you perform the find. The results for the user are identical with either approach. It's simply a matter of deciding whether to do all the setting up on the relationships tab for a Go To Related Records step or all in the script with a performed find.

              Think about what you'd like to see, let me know, and I'll supply more detail where needed.