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Multi-Criteria Match Fields

Question asked by JamesBransom on Jun 16, 2011
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Multi-Criteria Match Fields



I'm attempting to use a calculation field that returns a Carriage-Return delimited list that I would like to uses as the match field on both sides of a self-join.  As has been so often the case lately, expectations and outcomes appear mutually exclusive.

Here's what I have:  Two occurances of "Organizations" - "Organizations_All" and "Organizations_Select" and one occurance of "Cities".  The relationships: Organizations_All::fk_CityId = Cities::pk_CityID and "Organizations_All::k_Constraints = Organizations_Select::k_Constraints.  The Layout's Table is "Organizations_All" and "Organizations_Select" is displayed (or is supposed to be) in a portal on that layout.  There is also a global field that accepts input in the form "City, State" from the "Cities" table and finds the corrosponing record in "Cities".  I'm trying to use values in the field "Organizations::OrganizationType" to generate my calculated match field "k_Constraints".  The available values would be "Agents", "Subscribers" and "Contractors" and any number of those can be present on either side of the relationship.  Then I thought, why not have each organization whose "City, State" value matches that of the global field throw that into k_Constraints as well.  So each side of the "k_Constraints" relationship could conceivably have up to 4 values.  At any rate, the portal draws a blank, and I'm drawing a blank trying to fix it.  Am I missing something obvious?