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    multi-criteria relationship using logical "OR" operator



      multi-criteria relationship using logical "OR" operator


      Admittedly I've been a FileMaker user for 20 years and the evident lack of this feature has never affected me until now. However once it did, I found myself really annoyed that FileMaker has never added it to its product. (The new features nowadays mostly seem to be fluffy things like more pre-defined layouts as opposed to true expansions in functionality.)

      I sorely miss being able to put a string of "OR"s between all of my relationship criteria instead of the string of "AND"s that appears automatically. The ultimate would of course be the ability to create complex criteria involving parenthesized subexpressions, but even just the ability to replace all the "AND"s with "OR"s would have saved me an absolute MOUNTAIN of workaround coding.

      I briefly thought Boole might be able to save me, since (field a = field b) OR (field c = field d) is the same as NOT [(field a not-equal field b) AND (field c not-equal field d)], but is there any way to achieve that "NOT" in front? I don't think so. Portal-filtering would be of no use because I need these results for internal calculations, not portal displays.