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Multi-field find (FM10) - this works but is there a better way?

Question asked by groovebox on Apr 8, 2009
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Multi-field find (FM10) - this works but is there a better way?


On a roll. Sorry about this!


This is something I already do/use. Say I have a Table called Customers - and I have a indexed field that I calculate to store the concatenated result of "first name + last name + street address + suburb and so on" - then I script a find that takes the user to a simple layout where they can do a (scripted) find.


So if they enter "John" then the user will be presented with every record that contains "John" in the first name/last name/address and so on. Which is fine and what I want. [These particular concatenated finds are great for phone numbers - eg: if they only have the first 5 digits of a phone number and a name.]


Is there a better/different way? Is there too much overhead in this approach? My Customers table will be approaching the 100K mark and growing.


I found an alternative style example file last year but can't find it now - I put it somewhere "safe". :)


Thanks for reading.