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Multi-Location Multi Product Inventory System

Question asked by StefanCohen on Jan 4, 2012
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Multi-Location Multi Product Inventory System


Hi There,

I am new to filemaker but not database design. I am trying to build a simple system for our business. I am struggling though to figure out the best way to do this in filemaker.

Essentially we want a transactional/ledger based inventory system with multiple locations and multiple products.

I invision having a table that has transactions with to - from and quantity in and quanitity out. Ideally when someone would save a record/ transaction it would create a record in a related database with a date of transaction and the quantity subtracted from the "from location" and the quantity added to the "to location". We would like to be able to report on the inventory stocks at the end of each month (carrying forward the prior months inventory) . I am struggling significantly with this. Does anyone have any ideas, am I approaching this the right way?

-one of the issues I am encountering is how upon saving a record in one database do you have another record automatically created in a related database.

-Also it is important to note that these are batches of products we are not concerned with the serial numbers or anything that uniquely identifies specific products.


thanks in advance