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Multi-page portals?

Question asked by JoeB_2 on Jul 25, 2012
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Multi-page portals?


I recently started using FileMaker Pro 12 to implement a database that stores account transactions. I need to produce a transaction statement reports that show the activity on a given account during a particular period of time. I have a one-to-many relationship between a table that holds account details (account number, holder name, etc.) and a table that holds transaction details (transaction date, type, amount, etc). Currently I'm using a portal in FileMaker to show the transactions for each account. This works okay, but it seems that portal can only display a fixed number of rows. I need to ensure that transaction statement are printed in full, spilling over onto multiple pages if necessary. Is it possible to do this with a portal? Or should I be using some other approach to listing the many transactions associated with each account?

Any pointers appreciated,