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    Multi-Page Reporting - Getting Started



      Multi-Page Reporting - Getting Started


      I need to develop a multi-page report where everyone gets the first page (name, address, etc), but you would only get pages two, three, or four, if you had relevant data. It would be possible, for example, to get pages 1, 2, and 4. Actually, one could get any combination of pages 2-4.


      Can someone help me get started as I have no idea as to how to setup multi-page reports.


      All suggestions appreciated. 

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          In a report, printing with the "records being browsed" option will print as many pages as are needed to print for all the records in your found set. If you can configure each report version by using a find (manual or scripted) to pull up only the relevant records for the given recipient group, you'll have what you need.


          Preview mode is a very convient way to check on what your printed report will look like before actually using ink and paper.

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            I THINK I see what you are saying -- have a separate report for each condition and then simply create the proper found set and run the right report. Is that it?


            If that is the case, I don't think that would be efficient, as with four possible pages (not counting the first page), there would be too many combinations.


            Is there not a way to create a multi-page report and then as the report is running, have a condition that says, "don't print this page if....?"


            Appreciate the feedback.


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              One layout, but different find requests to generate the desired report by pulling up different groups of records.


              I would avoid "page specific" options if you can. Instead, ask yourself "what records do I need to see here?".


              Keep in mind that you have not described the structure of your report or the tables of data it pulls together for you. There may be details there that prevent this approach.


              If you must go with multiple layouts, (sometimes this is unavoidable), there are several general tricks to cut down the work load:

              1. You can duplicate an existing layout in a single by selecting "Duplicate Layout" while in Layout mode. Thus, you can create a basic layout and then use this method to get a large part of the layout work for additional similar layouts done with a single menu pick.
              2. You can copy any number of layout objects in one layout, switch to the other layout and paste them
              3. You can sometimes "build" a report by selecting one layout to print the first portion of your report, a second layout for the middle, another for the third. This can enable a "mix and match" approach for printing your report.
              4. If all else fails, you can simply specify page ranges while printing. If the position of the pages in the entire report do not change, you might be able to include the page range in a script set to restore printer settings that include this page range.
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                Hey Phil, I think you have something here....in point-3. 


                 As it stand now, anyone can have up to five separate pages, but everyone gets page-1. As a result, I could have a layout for each page and then have a script that determines who gets what pages. 


                Where it might get tricky is that I ultimately have to create a PDF-based report, so getting all pages into one PDF may be a challenge...but there may be a way to solve that too.


                Thank you for your help. 

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                     If you want, feel free to describe each of your report "pages". That may trigger a suggestion from me or someone else that makes life simpler for you. If you must go the mix and match layout route and need to merge PDF files, in FMP 10, the "Save as PDF" script step has an "Append to existing PDF" option that should serve.