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    Multi-user interference?



      Multi-user interference?


      FM11 and FM11 Server-

      Can a user's found set be interfered with by something someone else does simultaneously to the same database on another workstation?

      I ask, because I have scripts that navigate by "going to a record number" and every few weeks the script somehow gets diverted to the first record in the database (which would not be part of that found set) and overwrites that first record.

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          I'd check to see if something like a Go To Related Record might be at issue.

          There's only one case that I know of where another user's input can affect which records are in a different user's found set. If you have selected Show All Records, newly created records by another will automatically appear in your found set of all records. If you perform a find or Go To All records to pull up a found set of records, then newly created records by another user should not automatically appear in your found set.

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            Howdy all,

            Just to add weight to this, I am facing a similar situation and don't understand the cause.

            In a material submission database, a user submits newly made material to the stockroom and a new log sheet is generated.

            The script running when this submission is made is of the order:

            GoToLayout (Submission Layout {material log sheets})

            New Record/Request

            SetVariable ($ID ; Value: SerialID)

            Enter Find Mode

            SetField (SerialID ; $ID)

            Perform Find      ###This puts the user in a found set so he cannot browse all of the other materials###

            About 1% of the time, the find step leaves the submitter on Record #1 of all of the existing records rather than on the newly created record.  This results in a log sheet being overwritten (bad stuff).

            I haven't found a solution to it other than to put in an IF at the end of the script to check the contents of ProductName and if not blank, run the script again.

            I'm interested in anyone's thoughts as to how a local found set can be affected by another user...I cant think of anything else that would result in this type of behavior.  (thoughts on the anything else would also be most welcome...)


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              If you aren't getting any error messages when the find is performed (and you are using set error capture to suppress them), then the most likely cause is a corrupted index that results in the find not performing correctly.

              You can re-index your file by importing all your data into a clone copy.

              You can re-index the SerialID field by finding its field definition, turning off indexing, closing Manage | Database, returning to Manage | Database and turning indexing back on.