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Multilanguage Database

Question asked by ClaudiuNemes on Nov 21, 2012
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Multilanguage Database


     Hi there,

     I need some guidance before starting a new database. Main problem is that the database should be in 2 languages: Serbian (cyrillic characters) and English. Language versions are in mirror (same fields, same calculations, same everything). Serbian version is for internal use and english version is for the international evaluators. Database have to be accesible online, operators will have to input data from various locations.

     1. I was thinking about using repeating fields in order to don't duplicate hundreds of fields, but the main inconvenient is the exporting. They will use export quite often in order to include the data into their custom made reports, imposed by the financer.

     2. I also take in consideration having 2 databases (one in SR and one in EN). Problem here is that the translators don't have the possibility to see and edit in the same screen, the original text (SR) and aside the english text that have to be translated. I don't know if using portal will let translators edit fields from other databases. From what I understand I could only view fields from other databases via portal.

     I'll appreciate any suggestion, reference.

     Looking forward to hear news from you and

     Many thanks for your time,


     Claudiu Nemes