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Multiline field

Question asked by rudihoremans on Nov 7, 2013
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Multiline field


     In an inherited solution I have (amongst others) these two fields:

     FIELD_ID = unique ID number

     FIELD_ID_related = unique IDs related to this product (including the unique ID number of FIELD_ID) (text field with numbers on separate lines)

     I would like to copy the values in "FIELD_ID_related" to all records whose "unique ID number" is contained in the filed "FIELD_ID_related".


     FIELD_ID = 12345

     FIELD_ID_related =





     There is a record with FIELD_ID = 67890.

     I would like a script or calculation to copy the four lines of FIELD_ID_related for record 12345 to the filed FIELD_ID_related of record 67890.

     No manual work, there are 125,000 records....

     Rudi Horemans