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Multilingual forms?

Question asked by kopiikat on Oct 19, 2009
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Multilingual forms?


I'm trying to implement a client registration form that can be both English and Spanish.  The English form is complete.  For the Spanish form, I created a separate layout and changed the labels, but I still need to change the possible field values.


I'm not sure how to do this part.  If I make a totally new lists of available values ("Si" and "No" vs. "Yes" and "No,") how can I have that show the correct translation when I switch to the English form?


Here's another example: One field is ethnicity.  I'd like the Spanish-speaking client to be able to choose "Anglosajon," but I'd like "White" to be shown on the corresponding English form, their profile page, etc.   Is there any way to do this?


Thanks in advance.