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    Multipage report with background image



      Multipage report with background image



      i need to create a multipage report with 10 records every page with a subtotal at the end of each page.

      In the background of the page there should be a pdf module exported as image (it's a standard module required by law).


      like this (the logo header and the table graphics come from the background image):


      page1       Header     Company logo and info                      

      record1                        10

      record2                        20

      record3                        50

      record4                        60

      PREVIOUS PAGE TOTAL             0

      GENERAL TOTAL                 140      


      page2       Header     Company logo and info                      

      record1                        40

      record2                        80

      record3                        20

      record4                       100

      PREVIOUS PAGE TOTAL           140

      GENERAL TOTAL                 380


      how can i do it ?


      thank you !