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Multiple beginner questions

Question asked by NicolasGaston on Oct 15, 2012
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Multiple beginner questions


     How would one set up a button to go a layout, but have the layout always start over without any fields completed from previous work (i.e. set up the layout structure so that you go to "projects" page > select the project you want > click the form for that project you want to complete and it store the content for that specific path)

     Next, is it possible to script a field so that when a form is created on someone behalf it will send an email notiifcation of a new record?

     Is there a way to format the table view so that the text will fit into the cell (i.e. the cell height is as large as it needs to be to read all the text)? also to make it fit on an 11x17 landscape?

     Also, is it possible to make a field that will calculate a radio buttons selection and organize by an assigned person field. (i.e. i have a rdio button for a subcontractor to select if their work is completed or not... then i want to be able to list out how many items that person has marked "yes" or "no" in a calc function or a seperate report.

     any one interested in consulting???