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Multiple Checkbox Entries and Sub-Summary Reports

Question asked by peakoru on Mar 22, 2011
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Multiple Checkbox Entries and Sub-Summary Reports


I am trying to set up a report that uses information from a checkbox field as it's Sub-Summary.

I am trying to track auditions and one person can be considered for multiple roles.  So I have set up a 'Consider for' field as a check box field and entered all the possible roles.  easy.  

Now I want my report to show each role and the people being considered for it no matter if they are being considered for other roles, that record should come up under every role that has been checked in the main layout..  What is currently happening is that the database will only show that entry for 1 of the roles that are checked, not all.  I have the report set up and it's working perfectly if the person is only being considered for one role, what do I do about the ones that should repeat?