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Multiple Checkbox Selections export with FMG to excel and import into FMP

Question asked by TravisHeckford on Jun 1, 2015
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Multiple Checkbox Selections export with FMG to excel and import into FMP


Hi there,

I have a rookie question

I use a form created in FMP on my iPad in FMG to collect biological field data. I used checkbox fields to select, if necessary, multiple boxes (options), of values derived from a value list. In the value list, values are listed vertically with a space at the end for easy reading in excel. When I export data from FMG to excel I can read the checkbox selection (easily because of the space) as a horizontal list structure but also if I double click the cell it will list the values vertically. When I import these records the checkbox fields do not display the values selected, instead, they display only 1 of the values selected or none. 

All the values are there, I can tell this by copying the field and setting it to an edit box where it will display all the values selected. However I want to see these values populate the checkboxes on the form. I suspect this is happening due to the order in which the values were entered, is it possible to get around this? and if not, is it possible to have the values be displayed as a linear (horizontal) structure in the edit box (ie it displays as a vertical list)? If I can get it to be displayed as a vertical list, it might be better for import into ArcGIS.

Thank you in advance for your help.